When Project Management And Marketing Meld (Great article to distinguish between 2)


Management And Marketing

Let’s be honest. there’s little quantifiable about marketing in need of measuring click-throughs that cause purchases and coupons clipped. OK, maybe that’s being a touch simplistic but it seems unusual to ascertain marketing and project management meld together. Management And Marketing

Yet one blog writer says it is often done and done meaningfully. Alex Pejak, writing at ProjectManage.com, puts forth this thought. Management And Marketing.

Marketing involves many unforeseen occurrences and unsure activities, as any experienced marketing professional knows only too well. Therefore, the aim of selling project management isn’t to undertake and determine the indeterminable; rather, it’s to significantly increase the prospect of success by predicting some things and managing the uncertainty of the remainder,” she says.

Alex Pejak

That means project managers should become more involved with the marketing side of their companies. If for no other reason than to demonstrate the worth of project management across different disciplines. Management And Marketing.

Pejak adds, “For example, marketing professionals using the ‘seat of the pants’ approach often find it’s a headache to stay up with assigning tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities. Their team’s priorities could seem to be a touch involved, with bottlenecks appearing in one or two places. Their projects simply don’t ‘flow’ smoothly. the answer to all or any this is often effective project management.” Management And Marketing.

She puts forth this question, “What can project management do for your marketing?” In essence, project management works as an effective glue to bring the project together. Mr. Pejak’s suggestion. an honest project manager spends an excellent deal of your time ensuring everyone within the team knows when things are due and what their responsibilities are. Management And Marketing.

If things are going better than anticipated, or if something goes wrong, they step in to adapt the schedule in light of the progress (or delay) and avoid bottlenecks elsewhere.”

There’s another area of strength for project managers:

analyzing data and metrics. “Metrics allow everyone to ascertain where a project is and where it’s going and identify potential problems while there’s still time to repair them.
Management And Marketing.

This quantification aspect is usually considered the foremost important a part of effective project management, then it’s vital to spot metrics for both overall progress and individual processes,” said Pejak, an economist curious about project management and market research. Management And Marketing.

Cheryl Connor, a contributor at Forbes.com, says, “Traditionally, marketing experts aren’t strong project managers. they’re creative geniuses who produce their best ideas by themselves or in small collaborative teams.” Management And Marketing.

She then goes on to mention, “Imagine the advantages organizations would gain if their marketing people were ready to think and behave like traditional project managers. Metrics would soar. Timelines would shorten. Competitive advantages would increase as teams deliver newer and stronger campaigns and marketing initiatives with greater efficiency and ease.” Management And Marketing.

What is the weather of effective project management that marketers should learn to adopt? during a nutshell, they include:

  • Project planning
  • Document and task management
  • Organized document storage
  • Project cost tracking
  • Return on investment analysis
  • Independent and collective task management.

Pejak adds that long-term, albeit project managers don’t stay involved in marketing, there’ll be benefits. Management And Marketing.

“After optimizing the project planning process, managing new projects becomes intuitive and really easy. the quality work plan becomes ingrained in everyone’s habits, productivity soars, and embarking on new projects stops feeling like an uphill battle,” she says.


Do your homework before pitching your participation within the marketing process. After all, few folks look on kindly to outside interference. Use your strong analytical skills and dazzle them with metrics. Marketing folks could also be pegged as creative buttons of their decisions are data-driven. Management And Marketing.

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