What is freelancing 2020?


The first lesson section A

This is the first lesson of the freelance guide on the Internet, in which we will talk about the concept of freelancing, on what basis it is based, and some other aspects of the idea and scope of freelancing.

Here we will talk about what is freelancing, and what are its specifications?

Freelance or work on the Internet which is known as Freelancing The term that has spread like wildfire in recent years is one of a kind of completely new work for many, especially in our World, and its idea is born from the 21st century and is closely related to the Internet.
In Freelancing, any person who possesses a skill, ability, or even knowledge about a specific thing can employ this skill or ability by providing services or tasks to others in Freelancing provides freedom for both service providers and students alike.
In it, the business owner or the company requests specific and clear tasks from a specific person at a specific time for a specific fee.
The provider or services provider also performs his work freely, because he basically chooses the field he would like to work in, and he also has the freedom to carry out the tasks on the schedule that he wants, in addition to the ability to complete more tasks to achieve more profits.
Freelance in its current concept depends heavily on modern internet and communications technology.

The Internet here represents a means of meeting between the business owner and the freelancer, just as the Internet is the means used to start discussion and negotiation and reach an agreement, but also is the means to achieve the task and communicate it to the business owner, and in the end, it is It also provides many It is worth noting that the Internet is not only a means to facilitate Freelancing, but it is a reason for creating, prosperity, and growth of free employment opportunities for many.
Beyond all this huge number of websites that are increasing every day, there are designers, developers, and marketers working in the way of Freelancing, in addition to the huge opportunities that Created as a result of the growing trend of internet marketing.

By doing this, we conclude that the Internet is a means to support and facilitate Freelancing, and it is also a reason for creating and growing Freelancing.
An illustrative example of the idea of Freelancing in its simplest form:
To explain the idea of Freelancing in an easy way, let’s take this simple example: Mary is a 20-year-old girl studying at the Faculty of Commerce, but she is fond of Photoshop, she loves designs and always works on creating new ideas for a picture of her making or images that she modifies.

On the other hand, Ahmed is a young man in his twenties as well, and he is fond of the COMEX world and has a Facebook page with 500 thousand active members who are interested in what COMEX offers.
Ahmed page specializes in comics for teenage girls, and this brought him some advertisers with makeup products, who pay him from time to time in exchange for promoting their products.
Ahmed makes some profit from his page, so he decided to invest part of this profit in making professional image designs to grow his page and bring in more followers, and then brought more advertisers to achieve more profits.

By chance, Mary is on Ahmad’s friend’s list, and because Mary often shares her designs with her friends, Ahmed found her a suitable designer, contacted her and asked her to do 3 designs every week for a specific amount of money, and thus she became a worker in the field of Freelancing as a photo designer. This is a microscopic and primitive picture of the idea of Freelancing, but in reality, Freelancing contains many details, ideas, and aspects that we will all talk about in this

Now we will move on to a set of important points about Freelancing, which will work together to answer the question of what is Freelancing more professionally and clearly.
There are two types of freelance work in terms of full-time

The first:

permanently Freelancing, in which the free Lancer is fully devoted to Freelancing, and does not perform any other job.

The second:

part-time work, in which the free Lancer works partly alongside another job, or alongside a study.
We conclude from this that Freelancing is flexible and suitable for almost everyone.
There are specialized platforms in the field of Freelancing.
It provides a professional and organized link between service providers and applicants, and it guarantees the right of both parties because it operates with a clear and explicit system and conditions and both parties must adhere to it.

Freelancing extends to almost all aspects of a business.
Although the idea of Freelancing is evident in its clearest forms in the digital and related fields of modern technology such as image design, video editing, web design, and development,
However, Freelancing is not limited to these areas, it is not surprising to find an accountant, engineer, lawyer, or photographer who works as a Lancer.

One of the clear differences between the concept of a job versus the concept of Freelancing is that the job pays you for a certain number of hours. As for Freelancing, financial entitlement is mainly the result of the achievement.
For example, the image designer earns money according to the number of pictures that he accomplished, whether it is completed in a day Or a month or an hour.
In Freelancing, the Internet is necessary, but it is not inevitable.
We mentioned that the Internet is the seed of prosperity in the world of Freelancing, as it is the means of communication between the free Lancer and the business owner, and the means to accomplish tasks, deliver them, receive and receive money as well.
But what if Mary coincidentally met Ahmed at a birthday party for a mutual friend and they agreed to work, and she sent him designs through a flash memory every week and received her financial dues directly by hand.

Can’t we call this work free as well?

Of course, we can say that this is a free business as well despite the absence of the Internet as a party to the equation, but in practice and in realism, the Internet represents an almost indispensable arm in the field of Freelancing, especially in its more developed and broader forms, how it does not exceed the boundaries of time in a way We never dreamed of it.
This is in addition to the reason that it created more opportunities for Freelancing as mentioned above.

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