5- Vision


“Be a falcon.”
For those with a vision for the future, and those with cognitive abilities. for my dear reader, be it a falcon.

The falcon is strong and sharp-sighted. It has a vision. Every organization also has a mental image of its future, and it is one of the most important steps in drawing the philosophy of any company because it simply defines what the company hopes and aims to do!

A falcon is a brave bird whose goal is specific. Each organization must define its vision and long-term goals from 5 to 10 years, because this will achieve efficiency and stability.

  • The vision is necessary to meet some conditions, such as:

The company falcon is the person who has a future vision for the organization called Visionary and he often is the CEO.

An example of a charity helping the poor. Seeing it could be “a world without poverty”.

Dear reader, be a falcon. Not only in your company. but in your whole life. set your goals, study your vision, and start planning.

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