The Most Important Areas Of Freelancing


This post explain “The Most Important Areas Of Freelancing’; programming like (PHP, HTML, Java, Swift, Python, Javascript, C++, and SQL)

Programming Field

This is the second lesson of freelancing on the Internet, in which we will talk about the areas of freelancing.
We mentioned in the previous lesson that freelancing extends to almost all fields.
But there are areas that already have a lot of demand compared to other areas, as well as they are related to the Internet and modern technology more closely.
So although we are always encouraged to choose the field according to passion and interest, here we will review the most important fields of freelancing, which have great demand, which also witnesses growth in our world, and also through which more funds can be achieved.

This lesson is for those who want to know the most important areas of freelancing, and have the ability to learn something new to improve their lives as freelancers.

The Most Important Areas Of Freelancing


The world of programming is the world of magic, creativity, and innovation, through which ideas can be transformed into innovative models and projects, and it is one of the most profitable areas of freelancing that yields to its owner.

The demand for programmers has witnessed great growth recently, there is an increasing demand for programmers, due to the growth and prosperity of the web and smartphone applications.
And for those who have no idea what programming is from the ground up, programming in its simple definition is a science and technology through which platforms, programs, applications, and interfaces can be made with the aim of solving a problem or displaying data or completing certain tasks.
The programming process is done by building files containing smart codes to determine the shape and properties of the project.

  • Website design (programming in which everything that is visible in websites can be controlled).
  • Website development (programming through which website properties, features, and functions can be built).
  • The development of smartphone applications (programming through which to build an application for smartphones).

We can also classify software specialties according to the programming languages used, in fact, in this case, the classification will become more accurate and professional, and here is a small list of the most important programming languages required in the job market:


It is the primary programming language used in web pages to format the appearance of text and images.


It is an open-source programming language for creating dynamic web pages that work with databases.


It is a programming language that has many general uses, and it is the primary language used in applications of the operating system Android.


It is Apple‘s open-source programming language, which is the primary language used in OS applications IOS and OS X.


An advanced programming language used for many private and advanced purposes such as content management of scientific and technological institutions, used by Google, YouTube, and NASA.


It is a special programming language where its operations are performed (Running) Inside the user’s browser and on his computer, through pre-set commands from its developer, used to develop video games.


Used to develop computer programs.


It is a programming language for content management in databases.

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