The most important areas of freelancing 2


Graphic Design / Writing / Translation / E- Marketing / Video Editing

Graphic Design:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, this quote is 100 percent real, and from it,, the importance of graphic design stems.
In the digital world we live in today, the image has become a very important element, and with it the graphic designer has become one of the most important freelancers. There are also many majors in the field of graphic design, including logo design, three-dimensional designs, and infographics… etc.
The graphic designer needs technical and creative skills to produce good designs to please the work. Graphic design is one of the areas of freelancing of a special nature because it is subject to the criteria of beauty and taste, and the ability to creatively demonstrate and clarify ideas to achieve the desired goal.


The field of writing is one of the fields of freelancing that has witnessed a great boom recently in our world, due to the prosperity and growth of websites and their great spread, on the other hand, electronic journalism has played a big role in the growth of the field of writing in the way of freelancing. Freelancing in the field of writing requires an educated person who loves to read and is always knowledgeable and always seeks knowledge.
There are a lot of sub-classifications in the field of writing, and the classifications here do not depend on the nature of the tasks such as design and programming, but rather depend on the nature of the field in which writing is done. In the field of freelancing there are specialists in medical writing, technical, health, and beauty, or politics o,r literature… etc.
There is also the field of linguistic audit, editing, publishing, revision, and coordination, which we can all say belong to the field of writing.


The translation represents one of the oldest and most famous fields of freelancing, and translation is one of the fields that maintains a good level of demand in our world. The disciplines of translation here depend on the language from which they are translated and the language into which they are translated, and they also depend on the subject of translation. There are translators in the medical field and others in the technical field … etc.
Despite the emergence of many programs and services specialized in completing the translation automatically, human translation has a special and irreplaceable nature, because it depends on understanding the idea and taking into account the differences between cultures … etc.
It may seem that translation is important, you only need to convert the text from one language to another, but it needs a lot of effort because the professional translator must be bilingual in a professional manner and familiar with the culture of each language as well.


E-Marketing One of the wonderful areas of self-employment that has witnessed great prosperity in the past few years, as it continues to flourish and grow, it is one of the areas that are expected to continue to flourish and grow in the future, and this is due to the increased awareness of commercial entities of the importance of Internet marketing. In fact, there is no business that has weight on the ground now, except it has channels for e-marketing, and this, in turn, has created a tremendous number of opportunities for free e-marketers, Lancer.

Of course, there are a lot of sub-specialties for e-marketing and here is a list of the most important ones:

Marketing on social media (Social Media Marketing)
SEO Marketing
Market Research
Email Marketing
Data analysis


Create and edit videos (Video Editing):

It is concerned with everything related to editing and creating videos. Video editing is a very important area of freelancing, especially after the huge increase in video viewers on YouTube and Facebook. There are thousands of videos posted daily on YouTube and Facebook, and behind these videos there is a need for Free Lancers working in the field of video editing. Editing and creating videos from freelancing areas that need more effort and focus in order to complete the work with mastery and quality. Of course, the field of editing and creating videos is divided into many sub-fields, just like all other fields.

Important points regarding freelancing:

1- We recommend here to choose the field of freelancing based on passion and concern in the first place, yes there are areas that generate better profit, and there are areas that have more demand than others, but what is the benefit of specializing in one of the fields of freelancing that have a request but you cannot provide Something of value to her and thus you cannot succeed. In order to be more realistic we can say that you have to have a minimum level of interest in the field in which you want to specialize.

2- There are many professions that develop over time until the idea of freelancing becomes something possible, and now it is available that there is a freelancer journalist or an independent script. Rather, you will also be surprised if you know that in the developed world countries there are physicians freelancers (in some medical specialties) And it is expected, after several years, to find this in our world as well. Therefore, you have to expand your horizons and look beyond the areas of freelancing that are covered in this article. The opportunities and areas of freelancing are many and very numerous.

3- Each field of freelancing contains many and many sub-specialties. In this regard, you need to be vigilant in determining the degree of specialization that you would like to work with. Rare disciplines contain the risk of not having enough clients, but they do contain an opportunity that there are not many competitors for you, and the popular and easy specializations have huge demand but there is an awful number of competitors as well. To solve this dilemma, you must be a follower of the labor market and have more relationships that enable you to seize opportunities.

4- The fields of freelancing are in a permanent and continuous change, as there are areas of demand for them that decrease due to the development of the ability of programs and modern technology to accomplish their own tasks, and there are new areas that appear constantly as a result of intellectual and technological change, and the entry of new systems for companies and projects.

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