The most Important And Best Tools For Freelancing


This is the fifth lesson of freelancing lessons, in which we will talk about the tools of freelancing. Yes, tools are a very important element for every business, and success depends greatly on them, but in the world of free work, tools occupy special importance. In fact, freelancing on the Internet is mainly based on tools, and can only be done with the right tools. The smart lancer free knows well what tools it needs and knows how to use it. In this article we will cover a list of the most important and best tools for freelancing, through which you will be able to accomplish your tasks better, faster and more quality. The tools that we will talk about today are important general tools for every FreeLancer, but you need to understand that you will need more other specialized tools depending on the field of free work that you will specialize in (for example, the designer needs programs and tools for design).

15 Essential Tools For Freelancing That You Cannot Do Without


 Prepare(Skype) A very excellent program to communicate with your customers through voice and video calls, whether local or international, you can use it for free when both parties are connected to a network (Wi-Fi) Or network 4G, But you can also buy credit to use for collapsing with international phone numbers.


For those who are freelancing with clients from other countries, payment by bank transfer can take a lot of fees and the money may take a long time to arrive, so not many clients allow payment by bank account. PayPal It is the ideal system for freelancers For his money because it is a global payment method preferred by many around the world. PayPal Available in more than 200 countries, supports 25 currencies and is considered (PayPal) A very safe money transfer system. As to the system (PayPal) Very flexible and accepted by many online merchants as a method of payment.


It is a cloud storage program with which you can share files with your customers. Storage space here is limited however(Dropbox)  It allows you to complete certain tasks to increase your monthly storage space, such as inviting more users and installing(Dropbox) On multiple devices, you can also choose to purchase additional storage space according to your needs. Besides working on a site(Dropbox), You can install Dropbox On your computer, and doing so causes him to automatically sync your files from on your computer.


This Tool helps you To find specific email addresses when you want to display your business, preferring to go directly to the decision-maker of a company or organization. Simply search only for the company’s website or the company’s name and you will find the available email addresses, to get the best results in the search.


Beauty lies (wunderlist) Its ability to adapt to your daily needs and tasks, as a tool(Wunderlist)Very good at dealing with major projects and assigning tasks to the team.

This tool is very important for you, as a freelancer in the event that you are working on more than one project at one time, or in case you have a work team and want to distribute tasks in an organized and professional manner, and follow-up to finish these tasks.


Let you (Calendly) Schedule individual or group meetings, with integration with (Google Calendar) And (Outlook)And (Office 365) And (I Cloud), In addition to applications such as (Salesforce) And (Zapier) And (Slack) And (Mail Chimp).

Take over(Calendly) It also handles automatic time zone detection so you can schedule meetings with clients from other countries with the least amount of confusion and error in the time difference.

7- Zoom:

Let you Conducting online conferences, seminars, or meetings with more than 100 people, with the ability to record a video that you are viewing, and you can also record a conference, seminar, or meeting. You can use it for free for up to 40 minutes with limited participants but the paid plans are for those who need more than that. Let’s  The possibility of your training if you are new to speaking live with your audience or customers, and provides (Zoom) Meeting management training.

8- Rescue Time:

In the midst of the spread of social media, watching (Rescue Time) Your computer screen activity, allows you to track and measure the time you spend on the sites you browse, then creates detailed reports that you can use to analyze your usage patterns and correct any errors so that you can focus and work to be more productive.

9- HootSuite:

If you manage social media pages To showcase your business, projects, and marketing to yourself, the (Hoot suite) is one of the best tools for managing social media pages. You can in (Hoot suite) Connect all of your social media pages like (Facebook) And (Twitter) And (YouTube) And (Instagram) And (LinkedIn)  And (Pinterest), All you have to do is write the publication or the content that you want to publish, and choose the pages that you want the publication to be published in, accordingly the content you want is published on all pages at the same time and in the same format.

Among the most important properties that it provides (Hoot suite) Is a table property (schedule), This feature enables you to schedule your posts on different dates and(Hoot suite) Automatically publish it on the date you specified before and without any interference from you.

10- Prospero:

 Help you (Prospero) It creates proposals for your project and also helps you to evaluate each project that you have finished, which is why it is ideal for (Freelancer) beginner. When you create a proposal, it asks you questions such as your rate, how long it will take to complete the project, and the type of work you do. It covers web design and smartphone software design in addition to printing and branding suggestions, and it will then help you create a proposal at optimal prices for your project based on your answers.

11- Pocket:

While working you will likely encounter the articles, and links you want to reference later. Rather than bookmarking (Bookmark) On these things in your browser, so why not save them on(Pocket)?

Makes a site (Pocket) It is easy to save useful resources for later reference, and it allows you to access all this information via your other devices.

12- Password:

With so many sites and accounts to track and access, Tool 1 provides you(Password) All your login information is stored in this list, and when a certain site asks you for a username (Username) And password (Password)Tool 1Password The password will be shown to you automatically as long as you are already logged in and can use 1Password It is a browser add-on (Google Chrome).

13- Trello:

It is a project management tool that is best suited for those who are interested in photos, graphs and statistics, in( Trello) You can create boards and add task cards that you need to do or have been created for you. ( Trello) It is very flexible and can be used for anything whether personal task management or tasks related to your business and projects, is used ( Trello) A large number of major companies in the world to assign the tasks of the team and employees.

14- Google Keep:

This great tool enables you to make text or voice notes and enables you to make schedules and remind you of these appointments when the time comes. This tool belongs to Google, so besides the possibility of using it as an application on your mobile phone, you can also use it from a web browser through your account on Google. This tool also enables you to share notes with others, whether from your team or clients.

15- Blogger:

Another free tool from Google, through which you can create a free blog to express you as a FreeLancer, through which you can share your work and attract more customers. Working with Blogger is very easy and there are a lot of videos and text articles explaining the creation of a free blog on Blogger.

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