The Best SEO Tools in 2020


This is the ninth and final lesson of the SEO guide. during this lesson, we’ll cover a group of the foremost important, best, and necessary SEO tools.
There is little question that tools are one among the foremost important elements for the fulfillment, in almost every human business. Within the world of digital marketing, tools have another dimension of importance and necessity.

SEO is one of the foremost important digital marketing channels, which depends very heavily on its success on tools.

Note: There are some SEO tools, which are already covered under some previous lessons. It’ll be covered here also because I aim to form this lesson a comprehensive source of the foremost important SEO tools.

– List of the foremost important SEO tools:

They are specialized tools that enable you to access important information, accurate statistics, and special reports about your site and possibly other people’s sites.

It also enables you to access information and statistics about your site’s performance in search engines, and it also provides you with information about the keywords that you simply should.

The purpose of all this information, data, and reports resulting from the SEO tools is: to assist you to discover errors and problems on your site and supply solutions to them, and to assist you to create the proper decisions to develop your site, to enhance search engines.

++Here may be a list of the foremost important and best SEO tools:

1- Google Search Console:

Google program Dashboard. This tool is free provided by the Google program for website owners. This tool is a link between webmasters and therefore the Google program.

This tool provides you with a group of important data, including data about how your site appears in search results, data about your site’s traffic coming from Google, and data about indexing and crawling. Also, this tool will send you a notification if there’s a drag together with your site, whether it’s a drag associated with the looks of your site in Google results or a security problem associated with your site
Through your account on Google, you’ll use this tool after adding your site, activating it, and adjusting its settings.

Tool link:

2- Bing Webmaster:

It is a Bing program tool to link website owners with Bing.
This free tool is extremely almost like the Google tool that was mentioned above, but it’s a comprehensive tool that contains tons of features and features. Including a tool for research words, through which you’ll know the search rate for any word on the date you specify.
Also through it, you’ll get many important reports for your site, like the extent of your site compatibility with mobile visitors, and a report on the safety of the location files. In short, it’s an excellent and comprehensive tool for each SEO fan.

Tool link:

3-Google Analytics:

A free visitor analysis tool for Google. This tool enables you to access all the info and statistics you would like about your visitors.
Through it, you’ll obtain accurate data about your site’s visitors consistent with the geographical or demographic distribution, or consistent with the source of the visitors, or the devices used, interests … etc.

Of course, you’ll get all of the mentioned data consistent with any date you specify. you’ll also get the number of tourists on your site now, and consistent with many ratings also.

Tool link:

4- Bitly:

A free tool for shortening links. assist you to point out your site links briefly and professionally ahead of your website followers on social media.
It is also an analysis tool, where you’ll see the number of clicks on your site’s shortened links.
It gives you tons of analytical data about these clicks, such as the country from which the clicks were made, and therefore the source of the clicks. it’s an important tool for a far better performance of your site on Social Media.

Tool link:

5- Google Keyword planner:

A free tool from Google, enables you to get information and data about the search words, employed by users of the Google program, then you’ll use these search words as keywords that you simply target on your site.
All you’ve got to try to do is attend the page of this tool and write a word or sentence associated with your site. you’ll see tons of knowledge about this word ahead of you, like the monthly search rate and therefore the price of pressure. an outsized group of other related words also will appear with this word.

Tool link:

6- Keyword Shitter:

A great free tool for generating long-tail keywords, all you’ve got to try to do is attend the tool link and write a basic keyword. This tool will start by generating many keywords related to your word.
This tool uses the Google Autocomplete feature to get keywords.

Tool link:

7- Soovle:

A free tool to urge shortlists of keywords from multiple sources: Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and Wikipedia.
Type any keyword during this tool, and you’ll get the highest ten keywords to look, altogether the search sources mentioned above.

Tool link:

8- Ahrefs:

One of the good paid tools that provide tons of features and features to enhance search engines. Once you subscribe
In this tool, you’ll be ready to obtain various reports and statistics for your site.
Including: obtaining keywords, monitoring the links entering your site or the websites of others, reports regarding the indexing of your site from search engines, reports on your site’s ranking in search results, and tons of statistics, information, and other reports.

Tool link:

9- Semrush:

SEO is driven by many great features and features just like the one before it. This tool represents an integrated solution for everybody who wants to enhance their site’s search engines.
Through it, you’ll extract many reports about keywords, about the performance of your site, links to your site, and reports about the performance of competing sites. you’ll track your site’s ranking in search results, and track your site’s performance on social media.

Tool link:

10 – Google:

One of the tools that SEO can use is the Google program itself. By using Google as a daily user, you’ll understand and learn tons to enhance search engines.

Here are some advantages that you simply can get from Google:
1- Reaching many long research sentences:

You can do that through the Google Autocomplete feature, once you A specific word into the search rectangle, you’ll drop an inventory of suggestions before you to finish the search sentence.

2- Study of competitors:

Through the utilization of Google, you’ll access the leaderboards within the search results for any search word, then you’ll study these sites and learn from them to develop your site.

3- Using advanced research orders:

To explain how you ought to ask the subject of search secrets in Google, you’ll find during this topic a group of advanced search orders, which enable you to access tons of important information to enhance your site in search engines.

Tool link:


This paid tool contains an enormous link database, which you believe to supply extremely important reports about your site.
These reports enable you to know the history of your site’s archiving and to know everything associated with your site’s links, whether it’s internal or entering it. And tons of other data about the keywords also.

Tool link:

12- Google Page Speed Insights:

A free tool from Google to live the speed of your site, and provides you a report on the foremost details that you simply must work on to extend the speed of your site.

Tool link:

Here are two other tools to live your site’s speed:

13- Siteliner:

A paid tool, to see your site and provides you a report that contains: broken links to your site, duplicate content, the share of pages that contain unique content, the typical page size, the typical number of words per page, and tons of other important data about your site.

Tool link:

14- Answer the general public :

SEO Tool features a free and paid version that has more features. This tool helps you discover topics to make content on your site, supported the keyword you’re typing.
A great tool for content in English.

Tool link:

15- Builtwith:

This tool is paid but it does offer some free features. This privacy tool enables you to understand tons about any website in terms of its configuration.
With it, you’ll know the analytical tool employed by any website, the content management system that’s used like WordPress, and allow you to know the plugins employed by WordPress sites and tons of other important information.

Tool link:

16- similar web:

A paid SEO tool that provides you a comprehensive report on everything associated with your site, in terms of the number of tourists and everything you would like to understand about your site’s visitors, and therefore the global and native ranking of your site. It gives you an analysis of the keywords you employ and tons of other important SEO data.

Tool link:

17- screaming frog:

It is a paid program that you simply download to your computer, this program crawls your site a bit like search engines do, and provides you with a comprehensive report on everything associated with building your site and its links.

Tool link:

18- Broken link check:

Free tool to get a report on the corrupt links to your site.

Tool link:

19- Yoast WordPress Plugin:

A WordPress plugin may be a great SEO tool for each SEO fan, this plugin gives you a great many great features. We covered this addition intimately within the SEO tutorial for WordPress sites.

Tool link:
Yoast WordPress Plugin

There are tons of other SEO tools, but here I attempted to be brief and put only the foremost important and most useful, taking under consideration the range within the tasks of the tools.
I hope this lesson may be a comprehensive source of the foremost important SEO tools.

With this lesson, I even have finished the SEO guide, which I hope is going to be a crucial resource for each website owner and each SEO fanatic.

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