Solve The Screen Problem In Surface laptop 3


A free fix offered by Microsoft on-screen surface laptop 3

Microsoft has offered owners of its laptop ( Surface Laptop 3 ) a free screen repair if they have a problem.

Reporting started soon after it was launched late last year.

In case you are from an owners ( Surface Laptop 3Returns to Microsoft and you had problems with the screen, as it was reported after the launch of the laptop late last year, and the company will repair the screen for free.

As some users have reported that the problem appears in a screen
( Surface Laptop 3) In the months following the launch of this laptop October 2019 without a clear reason for this problem.

At present, the company has clarified the possible cause of this problem and announced that it will make repairs free of charge to those affected.

Microsoft has stated on the support page:

“We investigated allegations of screen cracking on Surface Laptop 3, and we determined that in a very small percentage of cases, a solid foreign particle may cause cracks in the glass, and the breakage may appear to appear unexpectedly or for no apparent reason.”

the support page

Microsoft also says:

“If you believe that Surface Laptop 3 is facing this problem, we encourage you to contact Microsoft support to start repair for free during the warranty period of the device.”

As a personal opinion, I think the company should compensate its users who had the problem and repaired the device at their expense.

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