Information and statistics about Freelancing


The First Lesson Section B

1– In 2017, the number of independents in the United States of America alone reached 57 million.
2– According to estimates of the rate of growth, in 2020 the percentage of those working in Freelancing will be about 43% of the total workforce in the United States.
3Freelancing contributed about 1.4 trillion dollars in the American economy for the year 2017.
4– It has been proven that those working in the field of Freelancing are better able to face job changes in the future, where statistics indicate that 55% of Freelancers In the last six months, they participated in a study to develop their skills, compared to only 30% of non-free lancers.
5– According to an opinion poll for workers in the field of Freelancing, about 71% of them stated that job opportunities through the Internet increased by 5% between 2016 and 2017.

What are the advantages of Freelancing on the Internet?

You are always free.
Freedom of choice is one of the great features of Freelancing.
From the beginning, you are free to choose the field you love and see yourself as creative and innovative, and you are free to choose projects that you find you can complete better, and you are free to organize your day as you like, and you are free to increase the material return through working for a longer time or working more Quality and perfect.
You will get rid of a lot of the time-wasters.
Because of the nature of Freelancing that you can do from your home and private room, there is a tremendous saving a lot of wasted times moving from home to work and back, or preparing to go to work.

In the case of Freelancing, all you need to actually start your business is operating your computer.
You have the opportunity to be creative.
Compared to the traditional job work that is governed by many rigid restrictions, regulations, and rules, Freelancing is characterized by flexibility and the opportunity to implement in many innovative ways, Freelancing is the way that allows you to implement your own ideas and unleash your creativity.
There is no financial cap that rules you.
In the field of Freelancing, there is always an opportunity to earn more money compared to employment.

Fortunately, doing more is not the only way to achieve higher financial returns in Freelancing, as there is always an opportunity to achieve more through perfection and professionalism in completing tasks.
As long as you are a professional in your field and can carry out tasks creatively, there are always clients willing to pay more for this work.
You have the flexibility to move from domain to domain.
In the traditional career field, there are always obstacles and limitations that make you have to keep working in areas that you don’t like completely.
As for Freelancing, there is a large degree of flexibility. You can start overnight in new areas as long as you possess the skills required by these fields. You can also work in Freelancing to finish your work in record time, in order to change the field or even to take a long vacation as you wish.
You won’t need many resources to start.
All you need to work as an independent is your own computer or laptop connected to the Internet, and a bank account in order for money to be sent to you on it, meaning that you will need some limited resources that almost everyone has.

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