Important Information About Monero


What Is Monero?

Monero is an open-source digital currency that is made for everyone to send and receive payments because their aims are fungibility, privacy, and decentralization. They see that Everyone should have his own private marketing account on Monero.

Is Monero legit?

Yes, but it was mentioned in the different websites that monero deals with everyone that They could find illegal activities with dangerous websites such as deep web and dark web.
We think that Monero should be more careful with the company’s activity and to avoid Setting partners with criminals. Anyone can be afraid of Monero and investing money in it.

In fact, Monero’s point of view about their activities with a website like dark web and the deep web is that they don’t care about people’s traits and anyone can be a criminal and invest.
Critics do not agree with Monero’s idea and they think it is better for Monero to end dealing with criminals. It sounds like if they are supporting them, so, the Critics look forward to ending the history of Monero because they think they’re supportive and help criminals invest their money. Monero is not a criminal website but because of their rare coin, they disagree to prevent criminals from investing in it.

Some websites say that the reason why Monero is dealing with those criminals is that because they want to grow the company’s reach to beat bitcoin and to become on the first of digital currency whereas the money is stolen they still don’t care and pay attention more to their aims.
And, they do not care who are you or if your money is legal or illegal If you invest you earn and that is all. Monero’s idea is totally a big fault because that makes some countries prevent any kind of deal with Monero. Because a seller when they sell this coin in the store they may meet criminals because they have private accounts on Monero and they are interested in buying the coin to invest more and that may cause dangerous problems to the seller and criminals are professionals in stealing money easily from the seller.
Sometimes it may reach that those criminals may know the seller’s information and they may steal his house or damage this computer at least.

Should I Invest In Monero?

Monero is a good investment. The coin is unique and investors think it is a good idea for starters and beginners in investments. In order to invest in Monero follow these tips. First, you need to buy a bitcoin coin and check out Monero’s website (from Google).
Second, create your private account and open your online wallet on the same website because Monero is an open-source and also an online wallet. Finally, after following the tips buy Monero coin and start selling and buying from the store.
Investors say that Coinbase is helpful for purchasing Monero.

You have to register on this website to have your own account which you will use to exchange.
There are several ways to buy Monero to start investing such as Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bittrex Digital Currency Exchange, ShapeShift Cryptocurrency Exchange, and Poloniex Digital Asset Exchange where you can find them in the United States.
That is totally confusing dealing with Monero or better not.
You are afraid of having a bad experience or waste your time and earning nothing in the end because it may steal the money you invest. But that is not true, Monero’s first aim is privacy.

Which means it is up to you and they are not responsible for who are you or what are you doing, when you create an account on Monero you have your private account and your own wallet, all you have to do is investing and sell and buy your coins or exchanging in the store and Monero gives you what you deserve after your hard work in the company as you are helping the company reaching more money.
You earn after this hard work and that is all. It is not just Monero who has criminals’ private accounts who work as normal sellers, many digital currencies have the same activities but they never say and that is everything.

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