How Is Portfolio Professional?

How Is Portfolio Professional
How Is Portfolio Professional

This is the sixth lesson of the Free Online Business Tutorial, in which we will look at introducing Portfolio and how to set up a professional Portfolio. After you have determined what is the most appropriate field for you in freelancing and know the most important skills and tools for self-employment, it remains for you to prepare your distinctive business models “Portfolio” and know how to display them to attract customers and start your journey in freelance on the Internet.

What Is Portfolio?

A portfolio is a special file that serves as a summary that talks about your profession and what you have accomplished in it. It also enables you to display your work on a number of different platforms at any time and time, ensuring that you get comments from your colleagues in the profession who can help you to develop your business, and you may see A company also does your job and asks for a contract with you. A Good Portfolio is an organized document that introduces you to people and explains your work, study certificate and professional interests, and it enables you to share your work with potential clients on the Internet.

A portfolio is like a CV that you show when applying for certain jobs, but there is a difference between it and the regular CV, and that varies according to the nature of the profession you are applying to.

The portfolio is more comprehensive than the CV where you will put all your professional and personal information on the Portfolio, you will present your business models and talk about yourself a little in a professional and brief context, that is, you will explain the type of business you want to cooperate in and will mention the places or clients that you have cooperated with.

A portfolio is a permanent and widespread presentation of your various works, unlike a CV that you only show if you apply for a specific job, and no one other than them will see it. Thus we can say that the idea of a portfolio is a file for presenting the business in the first place, so you will need somewhere in which to present your previous works or even voluntary business models for you in order to attract new customers and expand your professional circle, and with the spread of work on the Internet, the idea of the portfolio has become faster, better, and more practical.

Portfolio differs depending on the job offered to it, Portfolio graphic designer is different from the portfolio of the author or translator, for example, and other professions.

How To Create Your Portfolio?

The idea of Portfolio differs from one profession to another and by the means of displaying it as well, and in the main, it does not matter where the presentation of your works is more than the content of your work itself, that is, the quality is the most important and it is what you must search for in any job you provide, and that each profession has a different content and nature, so there are different ways Presentation and methods of dealing.

The most important thing for the customer is to see that your business is suitable and attractive so that he can deal with you and trust you. There are several sites that help you do that, on top of which are the freelancing platforms themselves, which have a place to display works in any field.

Some specialized places that can help you in the work of your portfolio:


It is one of the most famous portfolios industry websites on the Internet for a different number of professions, which allows you to make business models well, attractive, and not specific to a specific profession.

Word Press:

If you work as a translator or content writer, you can publish your translated works or articles on your own blog, and publish its link in multiple places until many people see it and one of the most popular sites in this word press blog.


If you work as a freelance photographer, it is indispensable for you to shop for yourself and create your own business gallery on your own, and one of the great platforms for displaying photos is Flickr, which is a global and ancient social arena for photographers and others, and it can attract different customers from all of the world.


If you are working in Motion Graphics, you need widespread platforms and accept videos. On top of all platforms is YouTube, which is a nice way to show business and attract customers towards you.

Sound Cloud:

If you are working as a standalone voiceover, you must have your own Portfolio, which will be through an audio platform, and the best in this area is the Sound Cloud, the most popular voice platform in the world.


Whoever works as a graphic designer can display his work on several sites, including specific ones (Behance), And is one of the sites that display your business in an organized and valuable way.

Things To Know Before Making Portfolio:

1– You must diversify in the works that you offer. Do not display all forms in one style unless you are specialized in this field only. If you are a content writer, do not only put your work in the field of cooking only if you only write in it, but you must diversify your writing so that the customer sees your strengths in different areas.

2– It is not necessary to put all your work at once in your portfolio, but rather it is enough to put your most important and important works, especially the most successful ones.

3– It is very preferable to have a logo on all your work, especially if you are determined because all business models are subject to theft.

4– In each model you have to talk a little about the mechanism of action, talk about the tools you used, and the auxiliary sources so that the target customer understands that you are not working arbitrarily.

5– It is also necessary that you target a specific category and your business models are suitable for this category, so you see that dealing with foreigners does not require an Islamic graphic design or a symbol of Arab culture, so always choose appropriate models for who you will deal with.

A portfolio is an important thing for any standalone on the Internet, but it is more important to know that if you are going to imitate some business models of others, it is best not to do it because it will only make you more harmful.

Just create and create your own models to find your potential customers soon, and don’t hesitate and start now.

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