Hack The Current And Upcoming Version … iPhone

Hack The Current And Upcoming Version ... iPhone
Hack The Current And Upcoming Version ... iPhone

Is The Era Of Safety Ended In The iPhone?

hackers and developers released the first public protection break – or what is known as jailbreak For the iOS operating system From Apple long ago. And they say it works on all iOS devices by taking advantage of a security vulnerability in the operating system that Apple doesn’t realize, or the so-called zero-day attack, they said. Supports the jailbreak released by the Vancouver team (unc0ver)  All iPhones with iOS 11 and above, including Apple’s 13.5 release this week.

What A Jailbreak?

What Is Its Importance?

And Apple maintained in its updates to its devices the “walled garden” approach, by allowing only the applications and customizations that you agree to in its store without giving users the ability to download programs from abroad, and hackers tried to break free from what they called “prison”, hence these programs were named  (jailbreak).

And hackers do the jailbreak program by finding a vulnerability that was not previously detected in the operating system, which penetrates some of the many restrictions that Apple places to prevent access to the basic programs that are the heart of the operating system.

Apple justifies this policy by doing it for the sake of security and even to prevent spyware, but developers who specialize in breaking protection say that their goal of breaking these restrictions is to customize their iPhone phones as is the practice for most Android users. Ancofre says that Apple’s jailbreak software has been developed and can be installed using the Altstore jumper platforms (AltStore) And (Cydia), Does not deplete battery life or prevent the use of other Apple services such as iCloud or Apple Play, and the group claims that it maintains the protection of Apple user data and does not undermine the security of the iOS protection mode, which keeps the programs running separately so you cannot access the data That they shouldn’t have access to.

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