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Have you ever dreamed of working alone completely?
Have you ever dreamed of getting out of the burden and boring hours of work that someone else decides for you?
Tired of the controls of that manager or supervisor?
Have you ever thought about doing the thing you really like?
In fact, the great formula for accomplishing all this is “Freelancing”. Freelance is the opportunity and treasure that the Internet and communication technology has given us to control our lives, by doing the things we love while we want and at the best return possible as well.

The demand for Freelancing has increased Significantly recently, through which a person can work for his own account to provide his services, projects, and innovations for the benefit of companies, institutions or individuals in his country or in other countries, and in many cases, he can provide these services to multiple clients every time. On the other hand, through Freelancing, companies, institutions, and business owners can easily access the best talents and expertise in all fields.

About the Freelance Guide:

Back in time 10 years back, the concept of Freelancing on the Internet was restricted to a very small group in our world, but now there are many Arabs working in the field of self-employment and who we call Freelancers.
In fact, despite the growth of the culture of Freelancing on the Internet in recent times, there are many youths who do not understand the idea and thus miss out on themselves huge opportunities and possibilities in the labor market.

In this comprehensive tutorial of 9 lessons, we will take you on a journey …
We start it with you in terms of clarifying the idea of self-employment and on what basis it is based, and we will pass together on the most important requirements to start self-employment, the existing problems and challenges and how to solve them, and we will inform you how to start in this field and what are the tools and skills that you have to possess, and the journey will end and it has become Ready to work in this amazing field and make real profits through it.

The Growth And Development Of The Freelance Business:

One of the most important reasons for the spread of Freelancing In the world, the Internet and smartphones are very popular in the world.
On the other hand, jobs increased in companies and institutions related to information technology, designing and developing websites and applications, and digital marketing for all types of business, and all work related to electronic journalism work, as well as creative work jobs such as graphic designers.

In fact, institutions and companies cannot permanently run all this huge number for many reasons, including financial burdens. Therefore, some institutions and companies have tended to use the competencies and expertise of the independents, to complete some of their work in exchange for a financial amount to be agreed upon, and within a specific time period. Of course, this has helped companies get rid of a lot of the burden associated with full-time employees. On the other hand, there are many small business owners or even ordinary individuals who need to complete some tasks from time to time, and who find independents a great opportunity to complete the tasks they want at good prices.

What will you learn in the freelance guide?

The freelance guide is a separate lesson, each of which discusses a specific idea and covers a special topic in the field of self-employment, and therefore you will learn from each lesson something different and new (we strongly recommend that you read all the lessons and it is best to read them in a sequence according to the order in the list at the end the article).

It is worth noting that the lessons of freelancing are sequential and sequential lessons that together constitute a comprehensive guide for every beginner in the field of freelancing.

Here is a list of the most important things you will learn from the freelance guide.
1– You will understand the idea of freelancing with a simple illustrative example, and on what basis it is based, the most important statistics related to freelancing and the size of its accelerated growth, and the opportunities and possibilities it brings for all, and what are the advantages offered by freelancing.
2– You will get acquainted with the most important fields of freelancing that are more in demand and growth in our world, and how each of them contains many other sub-fields that fall under it.
3– In clear and simple points, you will learn how to start a business in the field of self-employment, and what you really need in order to enter into this field and start making profits through it.

4– You will learn about the most important general skills that must be available in FreeLancer, a list of skills that you must possess in order to achieve the best performance of your freelance work.
5– You will get to know a list of the most important and best tools that all those working in the field of freelancing need, wonderful tools that will help you to accomplish your tasks faster, more easily and accurately.
6– You will get to know the idea of Portfolio and its importance in the field of freelancing, and you will learn about a list of the most important tools and services through which you can build a Portfolio.

7– You will get acquainted with freelancing platforms and their role in the field of freelancing on the Internet, and how it is a great way to start in the field of freelancing, and you will get acquainted with a list of the most important and best Arab and foreign freelancing platforms.

8– You will get to know the most important problems and obstacles that you will face in the field of free work on the Internet and how to deal with these problems and overcome them and turn them into advantages as well.
9– In the end, we will include a set of important tips and ideas for the field of free business on the Internet. These tips will spare you a lot of problems and will save you a lot of time and future effort.

Notes for the freelancing business directory:

This guide is not intended for learning the fields of freelancing, through which you will not learn design or writing for example, but it is a guide for how to start in the field of freelancing, which in my view is more important than just learning design (there are a lot of specialized courses in learning everything and it is available online and some of it is completely free).
This, of course, does not contradict our future plan to deal with separate articles that talk about every field of self-employment and how to learn it.


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