Fifth-generation VS. Coronavirus


Johnson Asks To Be Excluded After Trump’s Narrowing. Does Huawei Pay The Corona Bill For China?

British Daily Telegraph newspaper said :

That Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to limit Huawei’s participation in the fifth-generation telecommunications network industry.5G British in the wake of the Corona pandemic. Johnson asked officials to make plans to cut China’s participation in British infrastructure to zero by 2023.

British Daily Telegraph newspaper

The newspaper reported late Friday. According to the newspaper, Johnson is expected to use reduced dependence on China as a way to boost trade talks with US President Donald Trump after Britain leaves the European Union.

Trump’s government recently tightened the noose on Huawei to prevent the global chip supply to the Chinese company, as this matter entered into force last week, but it will give a 120-day grace period. China responded by the necessity of stopping the US administration from what it called “unjustified repression” against Huawei and pledged to protect the interests of Chinese companies and take appropriate measures to protect their rights.

China has come under criticism for its handling of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which has begun, and Beijing denies US allegations that it was not transparent about the outbreak.

He (Johnson) still wants to establish a relationship with China, but the Huawei deal will be greatly reduced,” the newspaper quoted a source as saying.

Daily Telegraph newspaper

And He added that instructions were issued to officials to come up with a plan to reduce Huawei’s participation as quickly as possible.

The move is seen as a major change in the British position, especially after it confirmed in late April that it would allow Huawei to have a role in building the 5G January, Britain decided to allow Huawei to access what the government said were insensitive parts of the network, which limited its participation by 35%.ration networks.

The United States has raised security concerns about Huawei equipment and warned that allies who use it in their networks are at risk of cutting off valuable information sharing in the framework of sharing intelligence with Washington, and the Corona pandemic and conspiracy theories that accompanied it complicated the position of The Chinese telecom company.

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