Email Marketing Is Still The Best, Why? more and more 2020

Email Marketing Is Still The Best, Why
Email Marketing Is Still The Best, Why
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Digital marketing is great hype today. New methods and techniques to conduct marketing are being devised a day. Amidst all this, it’s easy to assume that email marketing is an obsolete process.
We may consider it because it is not any longer getting used or isn’t fetching desirable results.

However, you couldn’t be more wrong. Email marketing remains widespread today.
In fact, it is becoming more successful over time. But what makes it such an attractive marketing technique, despite being so old?
Well, let’s determine.

Here Are The Explanations Of Why People Are Still Crazy With Email Marketing:

  1. Low Cost

The biggest reason why emailing continues to stay one among the favorites is that the cost factor. it’s a really low cost involved. All you need is an operational email ID, and you’re able to start performing on the e-mail marketing tactics.
Sometimes, people start buying bulk email addresses.

However, it’s quite rare. They usually send emails only to people who actually subscribe to the site.
An emerging practice is to use software to automate the generation and sending of emails. However, this cost is usually less compared to other modes of selling.
There are neither any print charges involved, nor does one got to pay fees for the advertisements space like space on television and newspapers. Overall, email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective modes of selling.

  1. Just For The Purchasers

Most marketing techniques involve users who may haven’t interacted with the brand. Some sorts of digital marketing tactics target users who have shown similar interests in their actions, as seen on Facebook and Google.
However, email marketing is the only marketing mode where the users themselves ask to be a part of the company’s subscribers.

Companies get email addresses of the users either once they subscribe to the newsletters or once they register to their website.
Getting pre-approval from customers ensures that the emailing effort is more visible and effective compared to other marketing methods.

  1. Target Your Audience

One of the large merits of e-mail marketing is that it allows you to focus on a specific segment of your audience.
Since companies often obtain email addresses through subscription or registration, they also capture basic information about their customers, such as name, gender, location, age, etc.

This information might be utilized in creating targeting emails.
For instance, if your company features a great offer for college kids, you’ll send emails to users who are but 24 years aged. And, if your company is offering discounted prices on women apparel, then you’ll consider targeting females rather than men.
Users also can notice the pattern that they receive only those emails that are relevant to them. Thus, aside from saving tons of resources, the corporate is additionally ready to create a trust factor between the customer and therefore the brand.

  1. Ask Them To Form A Move

One-way marketing despite having a broader reach suffers from a really critical drawback, i.e., lack of interaction. albeit you pitch the simplest of your marketing ideas, yet the user is liberal to ignore them.
In simpler words, you only cannot compel users to form an attempt for paying heed to your offer. However, small efforts can definitely be worth it.
Email marketing allows you to place in those efforts. By introducing an easy “call-to-action”, you’ll ask the users to go to your website and see what you’ve got to supply.
Having call-to-action also saves you from the difficulty of giving an excessive amount of information within the mail itself. Thus, within the email body, you’ll simply include the most-appealing content.

  1. Saves You The Trouble

Apart from being cost-effective, it’s one of the only marketing methods around. One doesn’t require any high-end software, no huge team, or a separate department.
All you would like is that the required hardware and a couple of professionals who know the work.
There is always a scope for better software and tools to be utilized in email marketing.
However, people mostly prefer the square format, since it’s majorly the content that decides the effectiveness of an email. the shortage of complexity allows you to focus completely on creating appealing email content.

  1. See Your Score

A salient feature that creates the e-mail marketing technique a desirable one is that the metrics. Most traditional marketing methods haven’t any or poor metrics, like radio, television, and newspapers.
However, in email marketing, despite being decades old, you’ll get all the measurements you would like.
Also note, to spot the performance metrics, you’d require appropriate email software.
The right software will tell you everything correctly, right from the number of emails that were actually opened to those that redirected the user to your website.
These results could offer you insights into what’s and is not working for your campaign.

  1. See Instant Results

One great benefits of using email marketing are that it allows you to perceive instant results. As soon as you send an email, the user would either receive it or be notified about it. most of the people check their emails within 24 hours.
Thus, whether or not the user decides to require your offer, you get to ascertain the important results subsequent day.
Most other marketing methods require some days or maybe weeks in touch results. But email marketing can deliver results before the date changes.
Some people argue that such hasty marketing is counterproductive, but that’s utterly false.

  1. No Boundaries

Email marketing being a prominent a part of web marketing, it doesn’t have any boundaries set by geography.
While this is often true for any digital marketing method, e-mail marketing is the true alternative to the normal marketing methods like print and tv.
The difference is you’ll target customers globally belonging to varied countries, genders, age groups, professions, etc.
The more range of consumers you select, the larger will your potential customer base would be.


Email marketing, despite the negative stereotype, is alive and well today. As discussed above, there are a lot of speculations that make people fall crazy with it.
Though there are other marketing methods that may beat the e-mail method in one or two ways, overall, it’s still one of the foremost effective and accessible marketing methods across the world.

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