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Third: The Basics Of Digital Marketing For Social Media :

Various social media have become a source for promoting and selling products and services, and if you have a desire to learn the basics of digital marketing then start learning Social media marketing An important first step. According to Hubspot92% of business owners and marketers see social media as important to their business, and half of the advertisers on social media said that the ads helped them increase their sales. Among the most important advantages of advertising across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin is the ability to carefully select the target audience for the marketing campaign.

Here is a list of the best social media to use for your marketing campaigns:

FaceBook: It is a great platform to promote services and products in different countries of the world.

Instagram: It is the best way to visualize your actions. The site offers you a set of aids, and the site grows in a big way every month.

Twitter: Twitter is characterized by being directly connected to companies looking for products, according to Twitter, 93% of people who follow small and medium-sized companies plan to buy from them, while 69% have already bought things from the companies they follow.

LinkedIn: You can count on LinkedIn to build your brand, create an extensive business communication network, and communicate with influencers in your field.

Pinterest: I have Pinterest About 100 million monthly active users, people turn to Pinterest To discover new ideas, and as a digital marketer you can use the visual content that you create Pinboard Create and share them on dashboards to capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to try out your different products.

Fourth: The Basics Of Digital Marketing For E-mail Marketing?

Do You Think Email Marketing Is Outdated And Past?

If you answered yes, here are the statistics that will make you change your mind: 82% of Companies B2B (From companies to companies) and companies B2C (From companies to consumer) Email marketing used.

For every dollar spent on advertising via email, it generates an average of $ 38 for the company. There is a statistic that says 34% of people around the world use email. The first thing 66% of business leaders do in the morning is to check their email. 61% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly. For all these reasons, email marketing is one of the most effective channels in digital marketing So how do you make email marketing more effective for your marketing campaign? The password behind the success of e-mail-based marketing campaigns is to make your messages more prominent, so it is imperative that before starting an e-mail marketing campaign, you have a good knowledge of the psychological factors of your clients.

The second point should not throw a large number of messages on your customers, as this will harm your brand, according to a study conducted by HubSpot During 2016, 78% of people did not subscribe to emails, because the brand was sending too many emails.

Fifth: The Basics Of Digital Marketing For Marketing Through Pay-Per-Click Advertising PPC.

Pay-per-click ad (Pay Per Click ) Is a form of advertising to bring visitors to a website, by using search ads that you pay for only when someone clicks on them. So it was called pay-per-click ads, Google uses pay-per-click ads as well as Facebook and YouTube, and many other advertising companies as well.

There is a set of statistics that confirm the importance of ads PPC, Where 64.6% of people click on Google ads When searching on Google to buy something specific. There are 84% of companies that use Pay-to-Click advertising mainly on Facebook, while 41% of companies rely on Google, and 18% of them rely on LinkedIn. Featured ads PPC Very popular with advertisers, as it targets a very matching type of target customer who has the potential to convert into buyers.

Sixth: The Basics Of Digital Marketing For Video Marketing

Video marketing is incredibly effective, and the video is 50 times more likely to get free Google Page Rank than the regular text. And there are studies that say 50% of consumers watch product videos and they helped them make decisions.

Here are some statistics:

People watching the video stay on the site for two minutes and increases their likelihood of buying by 64%.

Pages with videos have a much higher average site time than non-video.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. The video enables the promotion of your company brand while building confidence.

Seventh: The Basics Of Digital Marketing For Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very effective marketing channel used by most famous brands, and it helps spread the brand and gain confidence from potential customers.

Content marketing is most evident in the official blogs of brands, in which you publish content useful to the public, and this content is not directly intended to promote the products or services that brands sell, but rather is about general matters in the area of brand specialization. For example, you will find digital marketing companies that have blogs that publish useful content for website owners and brands, and you will find case studies and NEWS…, etc.

Also, many brands market their content through videos, whether they post them on their blogs, or on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. An example of this is on the official Oreo page, you will find videos that provide recipes for sweets that Oreo enters as a basic ingredient, and this attracts more potential customers, and it educates existing consumers about other uses of Oreo instead of eating it directly.

Basic skills Are Required For Every Digital Marketer

There are a set of basic skills that must be available in every digital marketer who wishes to achieve success in the field of digital marketing:

Dealing With Digital Marketing Tools:

Tools are an essential element of success in the world of digital marketing, and almost every task is accomplished through the digital marketer, as it will require him to deal with some tools, and these tools include:

  • WordPress (as the most popular tool for creating and managing websites and blog content).
  • SEO tools (Such as keyword detection tools, site analysis and performance measurement, and discovering backlinks to competitors … etc.).
  • Tools for creating and editing videos.
  • Tools to manage social media and discover popular content from competitors.
  • Tools To create landing pages.

Knowing How The Paid Ads Work:

The digital marketer should be well acquainted with the mechanism of making paid ads on social media, and other advertising companies.

A good seller is a good marketer:

Do you feel that this information is strange? Of course not, this information is completely logical … Experience has proven that a good seller is also a good marketer. Simply good sellers know how to deal with people and turn them into opportunities for sale, so in order to be a successful digital marketer you must have knowledge of the art of selling or you will waste the marketing budget without reaching a goal.

Understand How Marketing Channels Work:

A successful marketer is one who knows how to focus on some marketing channels and use them optimally while understanding the dynamics of this channel well and taking advantage of its potential.

 Thinking Objectively:

A successful marketer is one who can objectively think and separate himself from his work, and can focus on what he already does, not just on what he hoped to succeed.

Having a mixture of analytical and creative capabilities:

Digital marketing requires creative and analytical thinking, so entrepreneurs are looking for a marketer that has both and is enthusiastic about both. New designers fall into the trap of focusing on one and not the other. But for the success of any marketing campaign, art and science must come together, so that the marketing campaign can be measured using analyzes to guide future strategies.

 Having a good relationship base:

Relationship building is a huge component of digital marketing, and a friendly person can achieve this easily, so in order to be a successful digital marketer, you must work to create good relationships in your field and related fields.


It does not matter how good the product is unless you can demonstrate its value to your potential customers with less than 140 characters. Digital marketing agencies must be effective with minimal messages, learn the art of brevity and the goodness of words that they say.

 The ability to listen:

The digital marketer must have the ability to listen to potential customers and consumers in new ways through social media and analytical tools, so you can listen to customer ideas about a related product or issue or about your own services.


If you have a marketing methodology that you work on without flexibility or inappropriately interacting, you and your company will be left behind.

Basic Design Skills:

The ability to deliver a message correctly is extremely important, however digital marketing requires more than words, a large portion of digital marketing revolves around visual appearance, and any digital marketer must have basic knowledge of the world of design. You, as a beginner digital marketer, must possess the skills to enter the world of digital marketing, an area that is experiencing great competition and continuous development every day. So let your weapon be science, knowledge and continuous learning while developing your various creative skills, and let this article be the beginning to learn more and more about digital marketing, and remember that with more effort, patience, and diligence you can achieve success, the field of digital marketing is science and art.

In this article, we discussed the definition of digital marketing and the most important channels of digital marketing, and how the basics of digital marketing vary according to each of these channels, with the most important skills that must be available in the digital marketer.

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