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The history of Marketing 0

1- The history of Marketing

Once upon a time, in the past, it was time for marketing scholars to gather together when different hearsay appeared. But they agreed that marketing is science, creativity, and ancient art. The history of...

Jobs Under Corona Is The Picture Dark? 0

Jobs Under Corona Is The Picture Dark?

 Experts Chart The Future Of Technology Jobs Under Corona Many companies during the Corona pandemic abandoned their employees, and technology companies were not immune to these layoffs, which raises many questions among technical experts...

Fifth-generation VS. Coronavirus 0

Fifth-generation VS. Coronavirus

Johnson Asks To Be Excluded After Trump’s Narrowing. Does Huawei Pay The Corona Bill For China? British Daily Telegraph newspaper said : That Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to limit Huawei’s participation in the...

Warning Messages To Protect Its Users 0

Warning Messages To Protect Its Users

To Protect Its Users … Twitter Puts Warning Messages On Misinformation About Coronavirus The Twitter company announced It will add warning signs to some tweets that contain disagreeable or misleading information about the Coronavirus,...

Basic Skills Needed By Every FreeLancer 0

Basic Skills Needed By Every FreeLancer

This is the fourth lesson of the Free Business Manual, in which we will address the most important basic skills that every FreeLancer must possess. Although every field of self-employment requires some special skills,...

How do you start your way to freelancing properly? 0

How do I start freelancing?

The Third Lesson In the first lesson we covered the concept of freelancing, its advantages, and challenges, and in the second lesson we covered the most important, most demanding, and profitable fields of freelancing.Today...

The-Most-Important-Areas-Of-Freelancing 0

The Most Important Areas Of Freelancing

Programming Field This is the second lesson of freelancing on the Internet, in which we will talk about the areas of freelancing.We mentioned in the previous lesson that freelancing extends to almost all fields.But...