Bitcoin, Everything You Need to Know


Bitcoin and halving:

Today almost all people use the internet for a second income for a better life. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto to help those people to get rich faster investing in a legal method. He created bitcoin without a central bank, he preferred his digital currency to be one of the new banks online for easier uses sending and receiving money, so, he finds it is not necessary to build a branch. Bitcoin (BCH) is one of the digital currency that is developed to be used for nowadays payments online. Bitcoin is designed to be a digital wallet app that is used on any device such as android, iPhone, PC, and online websites. It became the most important digital currency in the marketing field and many people seek to have a bitcoin even if just one coin of bitcoin. But how?
One bitcoin is more than 8,000 USD. Some people save their money without losing one cent just by exchanging their money into bitcoin and they never worry about their credits. They can send and receive bitcoin from the Application.

Halving, a protocol by Satoshi Nakamoto himself which is made after that. It is known as the supply that cuts bitcoins in half. It is created for the beginning of receiving 50% fewer BTC for verifying transactions every four years as we can notice new rates of the new Bitcoins.
Honestly, not all the countries think that it is legal to have a bitcoin account and invest because of not being identified by its government. In addition, they lack the knowledge of the idea of bitcoin.

How to get a bitcoin/Mining?

It is rare to find a legal website that you can gain a bitcoin from, sadly, they are scams and they gain money from your interest in having a bitcoin when you follow their requirements and do it all to win but this is not true. But what’s the legal method? Liquidity, it means liquid investment. All you have to do is investing in the trading platforms or exchange it for cash and this is common nowadays how people get rich quickly doing the exact method. But, you will never get money following some tips and get 8k to 10k USD per 1 bitcoin without certainly doing really hard work.

How to create an account on bitcoin?

Download the bitcoin Application from your online store like Google Play, or look for it on Google easily and download it. Write your Name and Last Name and every required detail about you and surely, your E-mail and your own payments method to start dealing with the Application to exchange or for investing as you like.

What’s a Bitcoins address and wallet?

It is a long code consists of numbers and letters and it is known that it starts with number 1 or 3. For example:


This address is made for every wallet of every single user. It is made automatically from the Application when you sign on and apply the required details about you.

Now you see it is clear that you need to study the modern digital currency before you start it because it may be is not allowed in your country and considered illegal payment method and that may cause some problems to your future. If it is legal in your country, start making your bitcoin account and you will get your own bitcoin address and you will notice there are different wallets that Bitcoin has, such as Coinbase which is considered as the best overall, Trezor is the best for security, Electrum and Exodus are defined as the best for PC, Blockchain is the most famous online website for bitcoin and Robinhood is recommended if you like online payments. In conclusion, you do a third-party exchange to start the cash out bitcoin from the different mentioned wallets. After investing you will enjoy selling and buying online with some fees as a right for the bitcoin for the security. But you can’t shop in some online stores like amazon without a gift card of bitcoin because the digital currency of bitcoin is not accepted you need to exchange it back to USD for shopping.

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