Beginners Guide To Directing Traffic To Your Blog (5 things that will increase your profits)


The Ultimate 5 Step Beginners Guide To Directing Traffic To Your Blog (without Ranking On Google)

Directing traffic to your blog is one of the most important challenges for brand spanking new bloggers. Directing Traffic To Your Blog

SEO (the act of optimizing your content to extend visibility on Google.) is a superb thanks to getting traffic to your blog but the reality is that within the short term you almost certainly won’t see a big change doing SEO.

This is why I created this beginner’s guide to directing traffic to your blog without ranking on Google. during this guide, you’ll find all the steps needed to urge traffic albeit you’ve got a fresh website. Directing Traffic To Your Blog

Follow These 5 Simple Steps And You’ll Direct Traffic To Your Website Albeit It’s Fresh.

Create High-Quality Content which will usher in traffic

No matter what method you employ to urge traffic to your website without ranking on Google quality content will always be the inspiration to create upon. Content is what’s getting to be the thing that pulls people in.

Your Content Needs To:

Be insanely practical and academic or highly entertaining.
Add the maximum amount of context as possible to your content. Readers should know what to try to to the instant they finished reading your blog post. Directing Traffic To Your Blog

Be Easy To Read Through

Short paragraphs will make the text look less intimidating initially sight and straightforward language will make it accessible to everyone to read.
Have a title that grabs your attention and causes you to want to click.
The title should in most cases be benefit-driven, contain odd numbers, and stimulate a way of curiosity. Directing Traffic To Your Blog.

Have Visual Elements That Enhance The Content.

Pictures, infographics, and videos will help with keeping people engaged.

Have Credibility

Add sources authoritatively to your content. Statistics also do alright when it involves making high-quality content. Directing Traffic To Your Blog.

Link To Your Other Content

Get eyes on all of your content by linking to other pieces of content on your website. Incorporate these points into your content and your content will instantly be valuable to tons of individuals. Directing Traffic To Your Blog.

Join Facebook Promotion Groups That Use Daily Promotional Threads

What are Facebook Promotion Groups?

These are Facebook groups specifically designed to market your blog content. They don’t allow spamming but they are doing have specific threads on which you’ll promote your content. Directing Traffic To Your Blog.

Most of them apply the rule that you simply can post on the thread but you furthermore may got to support three people that even have posted on the thread.

They often have a topic thread for each day. Some samples of formats often used for these groups are:

  • Monday — Leave your Pinterest profile and follow 3 other Pinterest accounts
  • Tuesday — Share a Pin and Re-pin 3 other people’s Pinterest pins
  • Wednesday — Leave a Blog post and share 3 other posts on the thread.
  • Thursday — Share your FB page and like 3 other FB pages.
  • Friday — Leave a blog post and discuss 3 other peoples blogs
  • Saturday — Leave an IG post and Like/ discuss 3 other IG posts.
  • Sunday — Promote whatever you would like

Why Are Facebook Promotion Groups Effective?

They have actual rules that encourage people to share your content. There’s a 100% guarantee that your content will get exposure. The groups also are highly active which makes it easier to attach with other bloggers. Directing Traffic To Your Blog.

How To Find These Facebook Promotion Groups?

The Facebook promotion groups are often closed and an extension of a traditional Facebook page. you’ll find them by typing in” blog” within the Facebook search bar.

You’ll get a results page with all types of blogging communities not all of them have promotional threads but people who do will mention it within the description. Directing Traffic To Your Blog.

Start Doing Pinterest Group Board Marketing

Pinterest is perhaps the foremost effective thanks to getting traffic to your blog regardless of what niche you’re in. Pinterest is usually compared to Instagram because they both use visuals as their main medium for communication but they aren’t an equivalent. Directing Traffic To Your Blog.

While Instagram is often considered a social platform Pinterest is more sort of a graphic program. You create Pins supported long-tail keywords people type into the Pinterest search bar and a bit like Google.

What Are Pinterest Group Boards?

Pinterest Group boards are boards that allow multiple people to place their pins on. These boards often have their own specific niche making them popular for people to travel through. Some boards contain quite 10.000 members. If you’ll make your pins stand out it’s an honest thanks to direct tons of traffic to your website during a short time.

How To Find And Join Group Boards?

Not every group board is potent enough to urge you a big change during a short time this is often why you’ve got to try to some research. you would like to carefully study which boards are active and have tons of individuals pinning on them.

This can take tons of your time so if you don’t want to waste time I counsel you to seem for Pinterest bloggers with an enormous following on Pinterest. They often divulge lead magnets (free gifts in exchange for joining their email list.) during which they list group boards that they need wont to grow their blogs.

You can join them by contacting the group board owner. They often put into the outline of the group board information about how you’ll join the group board.

Follow the principles and you’ll start pinning on the group boards and attract people to your blog.

Start Trend-Attaching On YouTube And Capitalise On Every Trend.

At first sight, YouTube won’t appear as if a viable method for driving traffic to your website during a relatively short time but with the proper method, it’s possible. one of these methods I prefer to call trend-attaching.

What Is YouTube Trend-Attaching?

Aside from doing YouTube SEO, I’d advise you to try something I call trend-attaching. this is often the act of watching trends and mixing them together with your content to urge more exposure.

Why Is YouTube Trend-Attaching Effective?

When something is trending tons of individuals are trying to find content regarding that trend and are willing to seem at less popular channels if they create theme relevant titles, content, and thumbnails.

It also exposes your content to new audiences which may have an interest within the content you’re producing.

How Does One Attach A Trend To A Video?

Find out what’s trending on social media. an excellent tool you’ll use to seek out out what’s trending is Social Animal. they need a function called “what’s trending” that shows you everything that’s trending at this moment.

For example, there was a video uploaded on youtube called “How I shower living during a van” by Jenelle Eliana. This video blew up and tons of other YouTubers noticed that so with the assistance of trend-attaching the capitalized of the hype surrounding the video.

VidIQ a channel that promotes its YouTube research tool made a video explaining why the video blew up from a technical stand-point with the assistance of their YouTube research tool and the way you’ll cash in of those sorts of videos to grow your channel during a short time.

The software YouTube uses is advanced and may often recognize what trend you’re combining together with your content but just to be safe I’d apply these rules to form it easier for YouTube to point out your videos to the proper audience.

  • Combine the content with a relevant topic.
  • Incorporate the trend in your title
  • Incorporate the trend in your keywords and outline
  • Incorporate your main keyword regarding the trend in your thumbnail
  • There’s always a trend you’ll cash in of you only need to be creative.

Create Round-up Posts And Let Your Contributors Help With Marketing The Post

What Is A Round-up Post?

A round-up post may be a blog post where you invite multiple bloggers, influencers, and experts to participate in your blog post and provide their perspective regarding a selected theme.

Why Are Round-Posts So Effective?

Round-posts are effective because they feature multiple experts which may be a big draw especially when it’s educational content. Most of the bloggers featured within the post will likely share the post with their community which can get you more exposure.

How To Find People To Participate In Your Round-up Posts?

There are a couple of sorts of people you would like in your round-up posts

  • Popular bloggers/influencers
  • Experts
  • Up and coming bloggers
  • People from other niches that are connected to your subject.

You can find these people by employing a content market research tool and typing in your subject in their program.

How To Get People To Participate In Your Round-up Posts?

  1. Build relationships with other influencers in your niche et al. People are more willing to require a while and participate in round-up posts of individuals they know. this is often why it’s important to seem on their radar. Methods you’ll use thereto is to frequently discuss their posts, mention them in your content, and email them that you simply did that, move on their Facebook page, and online communities. you’ll also connect with the people within the Facebook Promo groups and build relationships with the bloggers whose content you share.
  2. Email outreach to the people you would like to participate in. Popular bloggers and influencers often leave how of contacting them on their website. you’ll use this to succeed in bent them and ask them to participate in your roundup post. confine my in mind if you would like to try to do this that probably many people are contacting them for similar things so you’re getting to need to stand out. Make it a win-win situation. Provide them with value and provides them a suggestion they can’t refuse.

Use these methods and albeit you don’t rank on Google yet you’ll get tons of individuals to your website. I’ve met bloggers that literally usher in thousands of individuals monthly by using these methods.

Final Words

These are my tips for guiding traffic to your blog as a beginner. Before you begin these steps there are a couple of things I would like you to stay in mind.

Don’t neglect SEO: Organic traffic from search engines is far and away from the foremost effective thanks to getting traffic passively. Don’t stop optimizing your content for search engines and building link-worthy content.

This isn’t a tactic that gets you tons of traffic overnight. You’re still getting to need to exerting the difference between this and getting ranked is that theirs a more gradual process during which you get traffic. While you won’t get one visit if you aren’t ranked on the primary page the methods within the guide will get you traffic from the beginning and can grow slowly.

Now it’s time to start out creating high-quality content and begin the method of directing traffic to your blog. Let me know during a few months how everything figured out

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