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Digital marketing or e-marketing has become more popular and more popular with companies and service providers than ever, due to the widespread use of the Internet and the unprecedented increase in the number of subscribers, whether on social media or other.

In light of the escalating competition by companies and service providers to find a foothold in the world of the Internet and achieve an increase in sales, there has become a great demand and need for the digital marketer that achieves the company’s digital marketing goals.
But the marketer in order to achieve the goal, he needs to understand a set of tools and skills of digital marketing, so we address in this article the basics of digital marketing that each novice must know, if you are a digital marketer novice this article is for you, also if you intend to enter this field this article will provide a lot Of your time and effort.

Digital Marketing Basics Essay Contents:

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. Why is digital marketing important?
  3. What are the basics of digital marketing?
  4. What skills does each digital marketer need?

First: What is digital marketing?

BrieflyDigital marketing can be defined as the marketing of different products and services via the Internet and digital media, and digital marketing can be considered a comprehensive term that includes all modern marketing strategies, which are aimed at reaching customers via the Internet, mobile phones and marketing via various social media.

Digital Marketing  is divided into two words:

1. Marketing:

It means marketing, and it refers to every action done by the brand in order to achieve the goal you seek, which is often the highest possible level of sales. It is worth noting here that the marketing process is not synonymous with a process Promotion However, promotion is a pillar of marketing. Marketing, according to its professional concept, is the process that begins in terms of product design, pricing, and provision in the place where the consumer is located.

2. Digital:

It is a word associated with modern technology, which is mainly related to the computer that uses the digital language 0 and 1 to perform operations, and the word digital is used to express devices and equipment that use the computer language to perform tasks (such as the digital camera versus the old photographic camera that works with the film and the acidification system ).

Now when we do a word mating Marketing (And the word numeric (We will produce the term digital marketing) Digital Marketing It reflects the use of modern technology, especially the Internet and smartphones, in the marketing process.

It is worth noting that digital marketing is also called e-marketing.

Second: Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

In the modern era, with the increased interest in online communication, digital marketing has become very important, and has become an essential factor for the marketing of various brands and services at various levels …

So why do companies need digital marketing?

Different companies and service providers need digital marketing to achieve a set of goals, as follows:


Did you know that 77.6% of small business owners use social media in their marketing strategy?
Is this fact amazing to you? 
If your answer is yes, I will tell you that this number can be increased in the coming years.
It is the entrepreneur for independent employees … To reach large companies, everyone uses digital marketing to boost their brand, so whoever has not joined the ranks of digital marketing will likely lose many potential customers.

2- Access to a wide network of clients

All marketing strategies, whether old or modern, aim to reach customers, so what if you had the opportunity to reach the targeted customers accurately?

This is precisely what digital marketing offers: “Accurately accessing a wide network of potential customers.” More than one method can be used to achieve this, including but not limited to: Unpaid client access through SEO (SEO).

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC):

Through paid advertising to attract customers, this method allows you to reach a wider audience and thus introduce people to your brand.

3- Evaluate your performance:

When adopting digital marketing, you can easily track the performance of marketing campaigns, and you can adjust and develop your campaign and control it, unlike the traditional forms that you wait for several weeks to measure the results of the marketing campaign.

4- Careful targeting of clients:

There is a very important feature provided by digital marketing, namely, accurate targeting of customers, so that you can choose the targeted customers in terms of age, age group and city, so you can control who visits your site and who can see your advertisement.

Third: What Are The Basics Of Digital Marketing?

There are many aspects or channels of digital marketing that every digital marketer must understand and specialize in, and these channels work together side by side in any Marketing plan. Here is a list of the most important and famous digital marketing channels:

  • Website design.
  • Improving search results in search engines (SEO / SEM Marketing)
  • Social media marketing.
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising with pay-per-click.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Content Writing Marketing.

In the coming lines, we will discuss the basics of digital marketing necessary for each of these channels, and how these basics vary to accommodate the nature of the work of each channel separately. Of course, as a beginner digital marketer, you must have a good knowledge of digital marketing channels and the basics of digital marketing appropriate for each channel, but you can be professional in one or more of these channels, not necessarily professional in everyone.

It is worth noting that E-Marketing Strategies Or successful digital marketing can depend on one or even four channels of digital marketing, depending on the goal to be achieved and the target audience for the campaign. Some methods lead to more success than others according to the context, the market situation, and the public.

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