Author: Nada Elnady

A trip from Needs to Demands 0

7- A trip from Needs to Demands

you’ve to understand the difference between 3 basic directions which are: Needs,wants & Demands.

Vision 0

5- Vision

“Be a falcon.”For those with a vision for the future, and those with cognitive abilities. for my dear reader, be it a falcon. The falcon is strong and sharp-sighted. It has a vision. Every...

10 rules to overcome creative blocks in Marketing 0

4- 10 Rules To Overcome Creative Blocks

1- let your unconscious mind thinks. Simply put “no limits to your thoughts” and try to write everything that happens before you forget it on paper in columns. 2- Always keep a brochure with...

Freelancing in Marketing 0

3- Freelancing in Marketing

“Change how you’re paid, change your life.” Richie Norton As we know that marketing is creativity.So when you change the way you live, the way you dream, or even the way you work, you...

7 questions to create anything from nothing 0

2- 7 Questions To Create Anything From Nothing

Most of the needs around us have gone through a magical mixture consisting of 7 naughty questions.Scientists called it the success of the marketing process, which is the term marketing mix. which was made...

The history of Marketing 0

1- The history of Marketing

Once upon a time, in the past, it was time for marketing scholars to gather together when different hearsay appeared. But they agreed that marketing is science, creativity, and ancient art. The history of...