2- 7 Questions To Create Anything From Nothing


Most of the needs around us have gone through a magical mixture consisting of 7 naughty questions.
Scientists called it the success of the marketing process, which is the term marketing mix. which was made up of 4p’s and then 7p’s.

Product :

What is the service/product that you will manufacture, its type, specifications, and features, and what problem will it solve?

Price :

How much? Find it exactly after studying the market and competitors, and the pricing strategy.

Promotion :

How to get it to the target group, what offers, what type of ads, and what to promote.

  • place of distribution, where it is distributed, and the line that it will pass through the merchants.

Then, a more dynamic marketing mix was expanded and added 3 areas of a violin to become the 7P’s.

People or PR who interact directly with the customer, serve clients, build trust and communication.

The process is the mechanism in providing the service, such as behavior, wait time, type, and accuracy of the information we provide.

Physical Evidence, which are tools that facilitate the process of providing the product or service to the fullest, and by reaching the customer with satisfaction.

At the end, if we take the 7 questions and apply them in our lives, we will find the magical mixture with all its movements and tactics.

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