6- Segmentation.Targeting.Positioning


To Go On The Marketing Process, S.T.P Will Help You.

As we know, not all products are suitable for all kinds of people, and not all kinds of people buy the same products.

So what is S.T.P?

S.T.P symbolizes 3 directions in marketing.


It is the market sieve, starting with the target market classification for different segments of people like age, income, gender, or behavior.


We target a specific segments of them and divide them into categories which have the same needs that contribute more to your profits.


Your last step to determine the way your product will reach the target customer such as selecting the right platform and showing the advantage of your product and here the U.S.P will help you.

U.S.P :

which is a unique selling proposition or unique selling point.
It is the thread that connects the product with your goods and the minds of people. You have to spin it on a need that distinguishes a product from all the other products.

Promotion mix:

is the specific kind of advertising or PR, personal branding, sales and direct tools of marketing that any organization uses to build profitable relationships.

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