4- 10 Rules To Overcome Creative Blocks


1- let your unconscious mind thinks.

Simply put “no limits to your thoughts” and try to write everything that happens before you forget it on paper in columns.

2- Always keep a brochure with you.

If you try to paint your idea, your eyes will help you gain the visual part, which will lead to inspiration in your mind.

3- Don’t worry.

Don’t worry, just try to get away from the whole project and take a break with yourself. Clear your mind. Think about any other thing. You will be surprised when you find that the idea is around you all the time.

4- take a look back to your old work.

Review your writings or old designs and look into them, because there is no bad idea, but there is an idea that you believe in, and you can transform it into reality.

5- Have a discussion with different people.

When you enter into different environments and start exchanging ideas with them, with your family, or even with your friends, this can inspire you with new solutions.

6- I’m unexpected!

Always expect all that is unexpected, you do not need to revolve around the best ideas on Google for example, but try to train yourself to take advantage of every opportunity and every idea that comes to your mind.

7- Explore other creative disciplines.

Inspiration comes from anywhere, always dotting the creativity of painters, designers, writers, photographers, print, fashion, and movies, and any creative work.

8- I am exceptional. I am random.

A creative novelist, Johanna Basford, says that the best ideas often come up with completely random assignments and that if you write down or photograph any need that caught your attention, you will help you in inspiration.

9- Take a deep breath, inhale … exhale … Exactly.

Come see each need with a different eye, and with a new perspective, because it is possible for some inverted letters in a stack of paper around you, or an inverted drawing, it creates new shapes and conveys new ideas to your mind.

10- Crazy!

Photographer Jessica Heishi created a print carpet for her studio, gathered all her pictures, and slept on them.
The purpose here is to always put your work in front of your eyes, print it, hang it in your table, leave it on your carpet, any need is left.

Now you can overcome the creative block and get do all your work.

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