10 Electronic Hackers In The World


ROM hacking into American intelligence accounts, to making millions of dollars in online fraud and extortion, nothing seems to stop e-piracy.

In a report published by the Spanish magazine ((Take Pet)), writer Andrea Nunez says ((that electronic pirates have always been surrounded by an aura of mystery that arouses the curiosity of those interested in the world of cybercrime)).

Despite the fact that there are many of them around the world, there are more prominent names in this field. The writer emphasized that the most important pirates in the world have gained their fame through surprising cybercrime such as the penetration of the CIA or the FBI, the theft of millions of bank accounts, or the penetration of major companies and brands such as Yahoo, Nokia or eBay.

The author explained that the most accurate term for describing these electronic pirates is the term “Crackers” and not “Hacker”, as the latter actually refers to specialists in computer systems and electronic protection programs.

Cracka … British Teenager:

In 2016, this young British nickname “Crack” was arrested on charges of penetrating the CIA and the White House, then 16 years old. Cracka managed to hack into the personal emails of the director of the CIA, the director of the FBI, and the director of national intelligence. he British youth also hacked the director of intelligence and revealed the identity of 31,000 agents of the United States government. Cracka managed to hack into the personal emails of the director of the CIA, the director of the FBI, and the director of national intelligence.

Bogachev … And a Prize Of 3 Million Dollars

Also nicknamed “Famtumus”, he is the cybercriminal who offered the FBI a $ 3 million reward last year for his arrest. His crime is to steal $ 100 million from US bank accounts. He is also responsible for creating the game over a virus  that has infected more than a million computers worldwide, as well as Crypto Locker, a file encryption system used to obtain funds through cyber extortion.

Nikolai Popescu … The Biggest Criminals

He is one of the largest wanted computer criminals on earth. Popescu claims a global fraud network that posts fake ads on auction sites on the Internet and gets customers ’money without reaching any of the items they paid for. The FBI set aside $ 1 million for finding him, and although his gang was dismantled in a major operation in 2012, he’s still at large to this day.

Kevin Mitnick … The First Required Condor

Mitnick’s name has been heard across generations as one of the most famous cybercriminals. This American hacker was nicknamed “The Condor”, and was the “number one wanted in the world of cybercrime” in the 1980s. Among his operations is the penetration of ultra-secure systems of companies such as Nokia and Motorola. His story ended with his arrest in 1995 and he was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, and he was released in 2002. Currently, Mitnick works as a security consultant for various companies, gives lectures on cybersecurity around the world, and runs his own security consulting firm.

Urmine Group … Celebrity Breakthrough

Urmine is one of the electronic gangs who have been accused of thousands of profile robberies on social networks. The group’s revenues reached half a million dollars in a few months through blackmail online. Urmine attempted to blackmail executives in giant companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, as well as other celebrities such as Spanish YouTuber, Robin Dublas. The group was able to hack into the website of journalist Julian Assange.

Adrian Lamu … Vagrant Pirate

Adrian Lamu is an American hacker from Boston, and he has been known as a “homeless hacker”, as he is constantly moving from place to place to carry out his attacks without being arrested. Lamu hacked highly encrypted computer networks, managed to discover loopholes in the New York Times, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other popular sites, and had a role in handing over US authorities to Soldier Bradley Manning, who leaked WikiLeaks documents.

Vladimir Levin … Money Theft Expert

Russian hacker Vladimir Levin was known in the mid-nineties as an expert in stealing money, as he managed to steal ten million dollars from Citibank customers without moving from his apartment in Saint Petersburg. He had to return the money and spend three years in prison, in addition to a fine of a quarter of a million dollars.

Alexey Pilans … Free Pirate

This young Russian is one of the most dangerous cyber criminals wanted in the United States. Pilans has hacked the world’s three largest e-commerce companies, in addition to stealing and selling sensitive data to millions of users to other hackers around the world. Pilans is still at liberty today and is believed to be traveling between Eastern Europe, the Maldives, and Southeast Asia.

Michael Kalsi … From Pirate To Expert

As a teenager, Kalsi turned into one of the most dangerous electronic pirates in the world. On Valentine’s Day in 2000, when he was fifteen years old, he launched a cyber attack on three major e-commerce companies, eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo!. Kelsi later moved away from the world of cybercrime, and he currently works for an information security company.

Supnazi … The King Of Phishing Scams

His real name is Albert Gonzales, and he is considered the “king” of cyberattacks technology known as “phishing.” Supnazi stole 170 million bank accounts from all over the world, was arrested in 2008, and he is now serving his prison sentence.

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